Personal Slave Application

 I regularly get asked if I will consider domestic servants and personal slaves, and in the main, its something I only take on with extreme caution, as I find it can be quite tricky for these arrangements to work. However, every once in a while they can work well, in which case I always leave a ‘maybe’ option open if the right slave came along. So to that end, I’ve decided to put this page up for anyone who is looking for a dominatrix to serve and would like to know what my basic stipulations would be.

Musts for Mistress

You need to be genuinely submissive. This is the most important one.That is, it is your character, desire and true will to serve a Mistress. This is not an opportunity to get free sessions and there is absolutely no leeway for you to ‘dictate’ any terms outside of the reasonable time/finance/physical boundaries we agree in advance. Its also not a ‘You scratch Mistress’s back so she might scratch yours’ deal. Giving free sessions because you’ve slopped a duster around my apartment or bought me a Bounty Bar is no good ‘deal’ for me, my ordinary tribute is. No… for a personal slave I’m looking for someone whose desire is to be submissive in and of itself.

You need to be available when I want you to be. Now, of course, my PS arrangements need boundaries; you have work, family, a personal life and so forth. So at the beginning of each week PSs send me their availability for that week, or month, if that is easier. Once those times are in place, however, you need to be available as and when I wish it unless you have a good reason not to be.

You need to offer a financial service. This means that you offer an amount that can be made available to me each week or month. It doesn’t have to be large by any stretch, but an amount I can access if I need you to pick up items of shopping for me and so forth.

I need to like you and enjoying you serving me. Difficult one, this and had to arbitrate on but as this is more of a personal arrangement than a commercial one I need to think I can get along with you, and so I always want a trial period to see if we click. Of course, one thing that is definite, if you are a dominant person pretending to be a submissive one…I.Won’t.Like.You.At.All. I can’t reiterate his enough, you must be genuinely submissive. I’ve had PSs in the past who’ve turned out pretty quickly to actually be quite bossy, or worse, manipulative. They never lasted long.

You need to make Mistress’s life a better place. As a dominatrix I have no need to do this out of the goodness of my heart. Its not that I don’t have one, I really do, its just if I wanted to give up my time to a good cause I’d help the homeless or the aged or something, not a horny fetishist, love you pervs as much as I do, but all the same! Whether its cleaning for me, shopping, giving me lifts, running errands, paying my phone bill, entertaining me when I’m bored or taking me to lunch when I’m at a rare loose end, your existence as a slave, in Mistress’s life should be a improvement, not work, not a drag, not a drain on her energy. If you cold contact me (message me first), make demands, pull strops, make promises you break, give your availability only to suddenly become unavailable (for no good reason), insist on getting sessions or try and manipulate for them, you are no good as a submissive. If any of this seems unreasonable to you, you are not submissive and need to go any further.

So. You’ve read the above and it seems reasonable to you and you want to consider applying to be a PS to Mistress Lenna? Just to be sure here are some basic necessities for any applicants:

  • I only want PSs who can drive and have a vehicle.

  • I only want PSs who are not addicted to any substances.

  • I only want PSs who are not secret dominants or bottom toppers or have any kind of personality disorder or attitude problem.

  • I only want PSs who can commit a financial amount of their choosing for my consideration.

  • Oh, and here it is again, I only want PSs that are genuinely submissive.

To apply, please message me, demonstrating that you have read all of the above, introducing me to who you are, any PS experience you’ve had, what you can offer me (what time, money and errands you are happy to offer) and ideally a photograph of yourself (which I would delete immediately of course) but this isn’t imperative. If I like your email (I will ignore emails that are terse, weird, porny or ill considered) I will reply to arrange a time to meet for coffee to see how we fit, and then if that works OK we can arrange a trial period.