Questions and Answers

Where do you take your appointments Mistress?

I have a space in the centre of Leicester, The East Midlands where I am most commonly based. A private, very discreet apartment on a quiet road with discreet entrance. Inside you will find mood lighting, sense heightening fragrances of sandalwood and ylang ylang, candle light, sensual music, restraints, oils, toys for pleasure, pain and punishment, and of course, me.

Can I get a deal on your tribute Mistress?

No you may not. I don’t charge low prices because I prefer to see on a small number of clients, not work on a factory line. I am not jaded, or going through the motions, I like to keep my energy up and my mind agile. Notwithstanding I am attractive, educated, intelligent, well spoken, creative - and I’ve been told - worth every penny. A femme like that is not likely to haggle, no?

How much notice do you need Mistress?

How thick is a sub’s skull? Hard to say, if I am at my liberty I may be able to see you with an hours notice, and if you are looking for a last minute appointment, its worth giving me a ring. But to be on the safe side I’d recommend 24 hours notice.

How is a booking arranged Mistress, and how does it all work when I arrive?

You call or email me, give me a name I can refer to you as, a general indication of what kind of session you are looking for, ask any necessary questions you may have, and have ready an indication of the dates and times you are looking for. You may have a very definite date/time in which case I will do my best to accommodate you, otherwise you might have a few suggestions so as to fit in with my schedule. I may need to prepare certain things for you, such as, if you like erotic wrestling, I need to know to prepare the floor space.

When you arrive, as a general rule, we will have a drink and a seat and a quick chat about your boundaries, what activities you like, what you don’t like but are happy to engage in for Mistress, and what is absolutely off limits. You will also be given a safe word which you can use during the session which will halt proceedings, and I can check if you just want to take a break, stop a particular activity or if you are exhausted and just want to end the session (pussycat!)

Will you take sessions with female & trans submissives, masochists and fetishists?

Yes I would happily, I enjoy dominating women and trans people as well as men. The booking process and tribute is the same. Contact me with your fantasies.

Do you offer intimate body worship?

Body worship is one of my most popularly requested activities and I have a fine roster of tit and ass perverts, leg lovers and general women worshippers. I can be a very generous Mistress and if I am pleased or entertained or you’ve taken a good bit of cock and ball or nipple torture, I may reward you. May. Intimate body worship though only gets given to my most brave and servile of submissives and slaves. You really have to please me to get that close.

What if I don’t want any pain?

What if, what if. Well shame, as I do in particular like flicking and kicking a vulnerable, fragile ball sack (what a nonsense that ‘grow a pair’ shit is!) and clamping some pretty little man nipples. But if in our consultation at the beginning of the session you request no pain than as I work to safe, sane and consensual guidelines, that wish will be adhered to. Same as any other activity, whether its corporal punishment, verbal degradation or watersports.

Are you looking for a personal slave?

I get asked this a lot, and no, at the moment I am not especially in the market as it is my experience that those who ask are often just looking for free sessions and notwithstanding the insult to my intelligence, free sessions in return for a quick splash of bleach to my toilet is not going wash. In theory I would take on a personal slave if they were genuinely interested in being servile to pre-set, agreed times and boundaries. Before you even consider approaching me with such a request, answer the following questions…1. Are you willing to be at my beck and call and to give me anything and everything I want (within a pre-agreed and contracted schedule and with pre-agreed boundaries and limits)? 2. Can you drive and do you own your own car? 3. Do you have a disposable income? 4. Are you clean, sober, sensible and servile? 5. Are you competent at domestic chores? 6. Are you capable of spontaneously bringing gifts and favours to a woman you are submissive to or do you need to be reminded? If you cannot answer all these questions in the affirmative do not even bother to approach me. If you can, send me an email with your particulars for my consideration.