Questions and Answers

Email: Phone: 07850460684 AdultWork: my profile is at this link.

Where do you take your appointments?

I have a space in the centre of Leicester, The East Midlands where I am most commonly based. A private, very discreet apartment on a quiet road with discreet entrance. Inside you will find mood lighting, sense heightening fragrances of sandalwood and ylang ylang, candle light, sensual music, restraints, oils, toys for pleasure, pain and punishment, and of course, me.

Can I get a deal on your tribute Mistress?

No, sorry. I don’t charge especially low prices because I prefer to see on a small number of clients, not work on a factory line. I am not jaded, or going through the motions, so I prefer to charge at the slightly higher end of the local market, although my prices for longer appointments proportionately cheaper, as I prefer longer bookings.

How much notice do you need?

It really all depends as I take both pre-bookings and same day bookings when I am available. I am generally available Monday-Friday 10.30am-8pm (outside these hours a pre-booking is needed). But an ideal amount of notice is 1-2 days, as same day cannot always be accommodated last minute. Any booking of longer than 2 hours or any booking more than a week in advance requires a deposit unless you have an Adultwork account with good feedback Follow the link to Adultwork here. *For those who don’t know what this is, its basically like a kind of sexy Facebook-cum-Tripadvisor.

How is a booking arranged, and how does it all work when I arrive?

You call or email me, give me a name I can refer to you as, a general indication of what kind of session you are looking for, ask any necessary questions you may have, and have ready an indication of the dates and times you are looking for. You may have a very definite date/time in which case I will do my best to accommodate you, otherwise you might have a few suggestions so as to fit in with my schedule. Terse, impolite, sex-text style emails/messages are ignored.

When you arrive, if you are looking for a Dominatrix or BDSM booking, we will have a drink and a seat and a quick chat about your boundaries, what activities you like, what you don’t like but are happy to engage in for Mistress, and what is absolutely off limits. You will also be given a safe word which you can use during the session which will halt proceedings, and I can check if you just want to take a break, stop a particular activity or if you are exhausted and just want to end the session (pussycat!)

If you are looking for a general escort/vanilla booking, girlfriend experience, we can just go at your pace.

Will you take dominatrix or escort sessions with women, and do you discriminate on the basis of ethnicity or age or disabled?

I am bisexual and more than happy to see women and have done in the past, however if you are a woman wnating to book please call rather than email or text: as an escort there are some bizarre men who like to pretend to be women to book fake sessions they don’t show up to (tre strange!), so I just need to know you are real and genuine. This is the same if you are a couple and would like to book, I would preference to arrange with the woman of the couple.

I also never discriminate on the basis of ethnicity or demographic. As long as when you call or email you are gentlemanly and generally well mannered with a affable attitude, I’m happy. I do preference, however, those who speak at least reasonable English, just because giving directions and establishing boundaries has proven difficult in the past. Unfortunately at this time my incall location is not very disability friendly as there are stairs involved. Outcalls are a possibility though, depending on where you are.

What if I don’t want any domination service or fetishes or pain?

For those looking for escort services, don’t panic! If you specify you are looking for a pay-as-you-go-girlfriend, not a Venus in Furs, thats what will happen. I shall’nae pull out any implements on you.

For those into domination but not pain, well, what a shame, as I do in particular like flicking and kicking a vulnerable, fragile ball sack (what a nonsense that ‘grow a pair’ shit is!) and clamping some pretty little man nipples. But if in our consultation at the beginning of the session you request no pain than as I work to safe, sane and consensual guidelines, that wish will be adhered to. Same as any other activity, whether its corporal punishment, verbal degradation or watersports.

Leicester & East Midlands Independent Escort & Dominatrix