Here is a short guide to my etiquette, although don’t be alarmed, clean, polite, respectful and sober, submissive/slave, masochist? You’ll probably do fine.

  • Bottom Topping: I am happy to play with submissives, masochists, fetishists or those who just want to explore, but I am not a dominatrix who like to work to exact scripts or tolerate topping from the bottom. When you arrive we will establish your boundaries & preferences, you will be given a safe word, but I very much take it from there, working conscientiously within the boundaries discussed but on my whim and to my own timetable. I don’t tolerate brattiness, push back or attempts at manipulation.

  • Time Keeping: Life gets in the way, I get it. If you have to cancel I’ll understand, and if you have to be late I will do my best to accommodate, but if you are expectant and uncommunicative in this - as in, show up late without telling me, or don’t show up at all without telling me - you won’t be booked in again.

  • Hygiene: A given. Well it should be. If you are dirty, you will be sent to a (perhaps, indeed, most likely, cold) shower. You have been warned.

  • Tributes : Tributes should be paid up front and it is preferable if I don’t have to ask, awkward for us both. I am not a dominatrix who negotiates on tributes (“But I only want foot fetish!”) and I am very intolerant of people attempting this. Some might say, “Well you are a pricier Dominatrix than others in Leicester!” to which Is say, first, I only see small numbers of clients so I can be energetic and psychologically prepared for each. I don’t work on a factory line, and you will receive my full attention. I’ve also been regularly told that I am not clinical and though I have professional standards I am not overly professional in my bedside manner. I offer a very intimate, personal experience.

  • Gifts :are not expected but are most welcome: I love… good European red wine or champagne, vegan chocolate, seamed stockings, black laced panties, French perfume, LUSH body products, good , classic literature or pop philosophy, hardy house plants (not flowers), hand carved Buddhas or trinkets or incense and scented candles.