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BdSM, Fetish, Kink, Domination

Welcome to my fetish, domination, BDSM/S&M page/Kink, I’m Mistress/Goddess Lenna, purveyor of subterranean fantasies and sinful predilections in Leicester, the East Midlands, and on tour in places such as London, Bristol, Cardiff, Cheltenham and more.

Though I enjoy very much being a pay-as-you-go girlfriend escort in Leicester, I love to ‘mix it up’ as my dominant, pervert, playful alter ego Mistress or Goddess Lenna (depending on my mood!) for both the newly or uninitiated or the seasoned player alike. As a dominatrix/fetishist, I can be a harsh dominant, black-clad, rouge lipped Domina, who can administer a heavy hand (or cane!), I can be a playful Lolita, a sharp tongued humiliatrix, or a sensual, teasing, Goddess, there are so many angles of fantasy to choose from. The world of BDSM & S&M & Fetish is sophisticated in its sheer variation and that’s what I find so fun and refreshing about it. You may have a very definite idea about your fantasy or you may only have a general idea about the games you like to play, or the games you’d like to try, either way I am all ears!

So how does it work? Or rather, how do I work? Before you approach, you have a couple of questions (you may already know the answer to if you are seasoned) or you may need to consider. First, either you have a role play you would like us to play out, or you have a list of activities you’d like me to consider ‘throwing at you’ in the manner and method of my choosing. It rather depends on if you have a set fantasy you’ve been wanting to try, or if you are a submissive whose thrill very much comes from forgoing control for a period of time in a very definite way.

It should be noted however, though I have decided to offer some scripted role plays (I didn’t previously) I still prefer to see those who are reasonably relaxed about it. Why? It puts me on edge if I know a client has a minute detail script that I am to work to, and I can - being a flakey and capricious sort - be uncertain I will fulfill it to the nth degree in the way you might require. I’d rather not promise to do something I am not convinced I can do. Rather, if you have a general idea of a fantasy role play, which you see as a starting point and/or are flexible with, I am happy to hear it!

The other option is, you pick from the below list of activities that you are interested in trying (and your levels), I give you a safe word (safe, sane, consensual always) and then I ‘go from there’. This kind of session is perfect for submissives or those who like the thrill of not knowing ‘what comes next’ or who like knowing they are suffering something their Mistress enjoys at their expense.

Another question to consider is what kind of Mistress/Goddess you might have in your fantasy, I am a very eclectic, broad ranging person and I have many different sides to my character. Are you looking for the traditional Domina, severe, cold, forceful, intolerant? Wouldn’t go near you sexually with a cane pole? I am her. Are you looking for a sensual Goddess, who is generous enough, if you' please her, to allow you to worship her body? I am her. Are you looking for the indifferent girl-next-door who, when bored, might obligate her own boredom by using you as her plaything? I am her. Do you fantasize about an imperious authority figure, like a school teacher or your boss, who will subject her underlings to humiliations for her amusement? You may even want a more casual approach, a spanking or a tying up but without the roleplay, the BDSM banter attached. A tête-à-tête of the daily kind. Or you want an Amazonian, gym clad and strong, who will wrestle, smother, lay on you? As I say, I have many manifestations, and faces, which one would you like to see? And to that end, what outfit will such a face be framed by? Perhaps you’d like to leave it up to me to decide, perhaps you want PVC style clothing and high heels, or feminine, soft attire, or casual day clothes?

So whats on the BDSM menu? What options are there? This is a list of potential games, activities that I play, but there may be more that I have forgotten about, or are obscure or specific to you, in which case, lemme see!

Please note: I don’t offer hardsports or any messy games other than the ones listed here - under any circumstances - and I simply ignore anyone who asks. I also don’t offer medical play or needles or heavy breathe play.

Please also not I do not offer any switch activities and I don’t take kindly to bossiness or brattiness or attempts to humiliate or undermine me. I will terminate the session if you are disrespectful.

  • Spanking (Light,medium?)

  • Caning, paddling, flogging (Light, medium, heavy?)

  • Bondage, Wrist/Ankle Restraining/ Cuffs

  • Blindfolding, Sensory Deprivation

  • Sensation Play, Ice Play, Chilli & Ginger Play

  • Nipple Play/Pain/Clamping/Pegging

  • CBT (Levels?)

  • Foot Worship, Stocking Worship, Shoe Worship

  • Body Worship incl. intimate body worship (If you’re good)

  • Role Play & Fantasy

  • Verbal Humiliation

  • Physical Degradation/ Spitting

  • Forced Exercise

  • Forced Eating

  • Erotic Wrestling (Only with genuine submissives)

  • Smothering, Queening

  • Light Trampling

  • Doggy/Puppy Training

  • Feminisation/Sissifcation (Humiliation or Prettification?)

  • Slapping, Kicking, Punching

  • Anal Play, Strapon (Please be clean, anyone who isn’t clean & I terminate this activity)

  • Watersports

  • Interrogation

  • Mummification

For my tributes please visit my fees page for some more lovely images of me please visit images page and please peruse my FAQs before making contact.

Leicester & East Midlands Independent Escort & Dominatrix