An Independent Escort and Dominatrix Leicester: New Number & Role Play!!

Hay there, guys, Leicester escort, dominatrix and all round kinkstress here. First ‘order of business’ - I have a new phone number so especially to those return clients I’ll reiterate it here 07850460684

So I’ve been thinking recently about role play: I have it written in the text of my website that I don’t enjoy bottom topping. For the uninitiated this means submissives who, either have a set ‘script’ they’d like me to work to, or when in a session a sub trying too much to ‘direct’ the session. Obviously this is all more relevant to dominatrix or fetish sessions than sweet vanilla/GFE encounters, as in the latter case, though I am not a submissive person, I am much much more comfortable with not being in charge :D

As a result, I have had a few gentle-fellas ask me if I engage in role play, to which the answer is:yes! I love role play. Its great fun! So I thought I’d conduct a little listicle of scenarios I’ve played with or ideas that might tempt, for any of those thinking about roleplay and fantasy and need some ideas.

  1. Sexy/Escort RoleplaysProfessor/Student… the excitable, seduced or seductive university student and teacher. This can go either way, with me being the the button up (to be unbuttoned!) Prof, or the manipulative Lolita. You decide!

  2. Off-limits Loving…I am your brother’s wife, your stepmother, your wife’s sister, your office manager. Whichever, its naughty, wrong, and the proverbials would hit the fan should we be caught…

  3. Erotic Wrestling…Some playful, erotic wrestling, and if I win? I get my way with you? If you win? Same :D

  4. Dominatrix Role PlaysDirty Thoughts punishment, you’ve been having distracting sexual thoughts all day at work and you need a harsh Head Mistress to help clear your thoughts with a good caning. If you admit to ‘doing something about it’ in the office toilets, you’ll get it doubly hard and sharp.

  5. Held Captive…You’ve come over to fix my internet connection and you find yourself seduced into bed , which is a duplicitous act, to hold you hostage, tie you up, blindfold you and leave you waiting for me to return…

  6. Amazonian Wrestling…You’ve been called to wrestle with an Amazonian, and you are going to put your pathetic all into wrestling her but she will overcome you, and then as her privilege for winning, you have to give her a forfeit. A caning? Some humiliating sissification?

You have any more ideas? Let me know them :)


Miss Lenna - Leicester Escort, Dominatrix and Kink Specialist