Independent Escort & Dominatrix in Leicester: In Covent Garden this Weekend

Good afternoon mon cheries, Leicester based independent escort, dominatrix, fetishist, sensualist and kinkstress here, dropping a quick blog in before she packs her bag for her whistle stop break in Covent Garden, London, tomorrow. Yes I am ‘on tour’ as it were, in the big smoke, the capital from tomorrow until Monday. I will be available from Friday evening until Monday morning, in a modern, private apartment in the pretty spot of Covent Garden.

Jack Harris ‘Covent Garden Ladies’

Jack Harris ‘Covent Garden Ladies’

In preparation (on top of darning my lace under garments, and ironing my nude stockings…I joke!) I had a re-breeze over my copy of Hallie Rubenhold’s Covent Garden Ladies, a filthy little history of 18th century whores, harlots, guttersnipes and scallywags, the whores of Jack Harris’s infamous list of ‘available’ ‘ladies of pleasure’ in the rowdy and ribald red light district of the time. Still, its only so sexy…the book is riven by a ‘sex tragedy edge’ of endless early deaths to to the pox, the clap and other such venerals, which often accompanied a life of remunerated rutting, in the days prior to easy access contraceptive medicine. God bless modernity!

So with my condoms and wet wipes and other such accouterments of contemporary cleanliness, I’ll leave Leicester, my stable ground for perusing my louche libido, for more populated urban backwaters.

Maybe I’ll see you there?


Miss Lenna - Leicester (and London!) based Escort, Dominatrix, Sensualist and all round Sex Fiend

Independent Escort & Dominatrix in *London*: Covent Garden Tour (and Leicester Dates)

Hay there Leicester and London fellas! Independent escort & sensualist dominatrix here, with a finally planned London tour in the lovely area of Covent Garden. I will be in a lovely private modern apartment in Covent Garden from about Midday on the 7th of June until the Monday morning for escort, dominatrix or mixed bookings. Pre-bookings are great or you can call me on the day (although I would recommend an hours notice as a general rule.) So thats:

Beautiful Covent Garden

Beautiful Covent Garden

Covent Garden Escort and Dominatrix Bookings

June Friday 7th Midday-aprox 9pm

June 8th Saturday 10am- aprox 9pm

June 9th Sunday 10am- aprox 9pm

For Leicester and East Midland’s gentle fellas, my dates for escort and dominatrix bookings leading up to this are:

May Thursday 23rd 10am-9pm

May Friday 24th 10am-6pm

May Saturday 25th 10am-4pm

May Tuesday 28th 10am-9pm

May Tuesday 29th 10am-9pm

June Wednesday 5th 10am-9pm

June Thursday 6th 10am-6pm

Feel free to message, text or call me for a booking! Hope you are enjoying the lovely sunshine today,


Miss Lenna - Leicester and East Midlands Escort and London Tour Whore