A Dominatrix in Leicester: Being Humiliated By the Mistress

So firstly, as though the East Midland’s camerati has not already seen enough of me, I have a few more images to add to my now expansive gallery which I thought I’d share:

What else have I been up to? I’ve been a horny miss and while my inferior little bell boy subs and slaves are pathetically, doggedly grateful to even get a licking of my toe - I’ve been entertaining a few bulls, alphas, hot rods… real men… this past weekend who’ve gotten considerably more than that. But fun as that is (so few such men in the world are deserving of real feminine access) I missed being entertained by a slavish and diminutive little nobody.

So last night I got my paddles and nipple clamps out and had fun with a penitent little sub whose very inadequacy gave me cause for offence, and so to ameliorate said feebleness he entertained and serviced me. I enjoyed particularly his showing off his inelegance with a series of sweaty star jumps and lunges and laughable attempts at prettiness with my old cast offs and cheap, throwaway lipstick. The worm also took the onus off my bin and finished off the gnawed kiwi skins, chewed toast crusts and sodden tea bags from my lite supper, and being the dog that he is, was as grateful as though it were a bacchanalian feast! Just to have his lips so near the effluence of my saliva, was like being kissed full on the lips, he whimpered, when I bade him to speak. When his wimpy, grovelling little mouth stumbled on the teabag, however, my irritation at the sorry sight was met with some sharp pain to his nipples and a scarlet sore behind. He did his best not to so be so clumsy thereafter, but you can’t so easy wish away such paltriness of character, such physical defect. Ah well. Its a good thing I quite enjoy giving nips of pain to my inferiors. And that they understand that to be humiliated by a powerful and superior Mistress is one hell of a privilege!

So much fun was had (by me!) that I am looking forward to the other comically ineffective (not quite) men I have ready to entertain me, for the rest of this otherwise downcast and rain spotted week. Then off to London next! Where I hope the capital has some real inadequates and grey little grovellers ready for my amusement.


Miss Lenna - Leicester, East Midlands and London Dominatrix, FemDom and all round Sadistic Bitchface