An Independent Escort and Dominatrix in Leicester: Perves & Pictures! And off to Cardiff...

So I am packed (lies) organised (more lies) and ready to go to Cardiff tomorrow (truth ding!) Its been one and a half months now in Leicester (where did that time go? Whilst I was busy bruising bottoms and stomping on sore nipples and slapping cutesy, pretty sissy faces??) and I already miss the old Welsh capital. I am hoping that in between engagements I shall get a chance to mooch about the arcades and peruse the delis and dinky ‘things’ shops therein.

Its been a busy few weeks here in Leicester though, what with all the fun and games I’ve been having with lovely East Midland’s perverts and the many photo shoots I’ve been having. I have more to come but thought I’d put a few here. I am also planning shortly a paid content channel for those who want some more intimate access to photos, videos and erotica, coming soon!


Kisses from Miss Lenna - Leicester and East Midlands Dominatrix & BDSM Kinkstress