An Independent Escort in Leicester: Spring, Massage & Tours!


Hello Leicester fellas, and happy spring from your local escort, dominatrix and general or garden variety sex fiend here! Speaking of gardens, I must confess to enjoying the recent rambles (if I can qualify them as that) in some of Leicester’s parks and parkettes. I do love the burgeoning smell of honeysuckle and the bright, chirpy little daffs that have thence sprung up and I was cheered that I got to walk home from the gym today…gasp!!…without, even,a, cardigan. Get that! I am informed it isn’t to last though (blast global warming…for this… and other reasons) and tomorrow the goddess spilleth forth the rain. Ah well, gives me cause to stay indoors once again, read some books, rumple some sheets…that’s better than park walks anyhow…

Erotic Massage!

I haven’t been able to get to too many escort and dominatrix appointments this past week because of ‘obligations’ and so I’ve been left feeling pretty…you know…squirmy. Whilst I squirmed I recalled the fun and games I used to have with Tantra massage. Warm oil, warm room, warm bodies…one tied down perhaps? I’ve been thinking of re-visiting this soon, once I remember to update my aromatherapy box!


So I’ve been wanting to escort tour for a while now, and keep almost getting to it, and but have found Leicester has hitherto kept bee busy, but late March early April looks promising. I’ve been wanting to head back to sweet Cheltenham although I gather I have to avoid the races. Oxford has been on my hit list, I’ve folks to catch up with in Cardiff, I’d like to visit the South West (Bath? Exeter?) oh and of course, the big smoke. Hopefully I should have myself organised and in bloody good tour whore order soon!

Anyways, that’s all for now !

Miss Lenna - Leicester and East Midlands Escort, Dominatrix and all round Tart Tripper