An Independent Escort in Leicester: Photo Moments

Hello my fellas, my sexpots, my perverts, my gentlemen, my swain…. your Leicester escort, dominatrix and all round lady of pleasure here…I hope you are enjoying the Brexit negotiations and prevarications, the unnecessarily long work days and bureaucracies and the capricious weather. I’m sure you are. Life can be unrelenting, can’t it? You need a break…god knows…. a hot tub steaming up the cold air on an oak veranda in a nice Devonshire hotel, with a glass of plummy red would be nice now wouldn’t it? With some tipsy belle getting her hair wet for you…?

Failing that…I’ve been away for a good few days attending to more grey labours, and have had no ‘grown up/hands on’ attention and am feeling petulant about it. Petulant indeed. Time to get the vanilla candles out, and the lacy knickers and the various whips and cuffs I think. So I’ll be around all weekend (including tomorrow) and accessible by phone for pre or last minute booking. In the meantime, I had some fun with my phone this evening doing some DIY imagery for my Adultwork private gallery (if you want to subscribe to see more click here) and thought I’d share a few here too…

Tits and Ass, Tits and Ass! :)


Miss Lenna - Leicester Escort, Dominatrix, Sexy/Pervy Fusion Specialist an all round Lady of Pleasure

An Escort & Dominatrix in Leicester: Hello Yoga & Adrian Mole

Hay all, your good for nothing Leicester local pervert, sex fiend escort and dominatrix here, basking in some satisfying ‘post-coital’ and chewing on a slice of vegan brownie, some very kind fellow imparted upon me. I’m so glad Christmas and New Year are well and truly past and I’ve gotten back into my usual swing of things. Its nice being lazy over the festive period, but honestly I prefer being active and organised and having things (especially fun and thrilling!) things to do.


So what have I been up to this week? I’ve started yoga practice again which - along with being less ratty about people making superfluous noise aka listening to their MP3 players too loudly on the train - is kinda my New Years resolution. Along with generally just being a mucho amazing person this year. As a new resident to Leicester, I’ve decided to imbibe its cultural output, and luckily for me Radio 4 has the Adrian Mole audio-book on the go. I’ll tell you now, I don’t half fancy Adrian Mole, Leicester’s foremost fictional sex pot. I’ve also been sad that lovely Delilia’s has closed. Seriously, were can I go in Leicester to peruse ‘fancy pickles’ and satisfyingly multi-coloured pastas and buy lime chilli chocolate?? Sad face.

Over the next few months I plan to be adding some commerce here for those filthy perverts who want to purchase some of my lacy casts offs, erotica and other tidbits, I’ll also be adding a little wishlist page. But that’s it for housekeeping!

Hope to see you soon…

Miss Lenna - Leicester Escort Lovely & Filthy Dominatrix & BDSM Bitch

A Dominatrix in Leicester: My Last Dates Until Christmas!

Its a week away. It was dragging on too long and now it seems to have come up on me too quickly. Whats with that? I’ve yet to present buy, organize my travel back home and I’ve yet to eat a mince pie. Well, that’s partially, because I can’t eat gluten, because it is like poison to me. Lovely, lovely, evil, evil gluten.


Ah well, there would be much, much worse things to have to give up. Spanking naughty boy bottoms, for one, or seeing sissy girls skip about in my lacy old cast offs, for another…

Speaking of which, I may as well declare my availability for the remainder of the week:

Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday: 10am-9pm

I’m available for last minute and same day appointments on these days, but its worth noting that if you would like to ensure an earlier or later appointment to give me as much notice earlier on in the day in the case of the former, and a days notice in the case of the latter.

I hope to see you before the Christmas break. I will have some dates post Christmas possibly available and then I will be back in January.


Mistress Lenna - Sensual & Kinky Dominatrix & BDSM specialist in Leicester & The East Midlands

A Dominatrix in Leicester: Regrets to Inform Thee!

I do, I do, I regret top inform thee subs/slaves/sissys/worms…I will no longer be travelling down to Chelts, and instead staying in Leicester until the Christmas break. My other ‘life’ has gotten in the way and so no hotel tripping for me. Ah well, it simply means I have more time for Leicester BDSM sessions and play! I’v been enjoying some pretty intense, sensual, sexy sessions recently with some pleasing submissives who know how to do what they are told and how to please their Mistress so at least that is something…I hope to have many more such sessions!


Anyway, with not much else to say here is a picture of me pulling my red lipstick, resting bitch face. Its the face I often pull before I crack my whip!

Its also (if you hadn’t noticed) Christmas coming up and I’ve already had a few nifty gifts handed my way (sexy gold cuffs and a bottle of a mighty fine Rioja, you know who you are!). Who can beat it sissies???


Mistress Lenna - Leicester & East Midlands Dominatrix, BDSM Goddess, Leg, Tit, Ass Lovers Dream

A Dominatrix in Leicester: Being Humiliated By the Mistress

So firstly, as though the East Midland’s camerati has not already seen enough of me, I have a few more images to add to my now expansive gallery which I thought I’d share:

What else have I been up to? I’ve been a horny miss and while my inferior little bell boy subs and slaves are pathetically, doggedly grateful to even get a licking of my toe - I’ve been entertaining a few bulls, alphas, hot rods… real men… this past weekend who’ve gotten considerably more than that. But fun as that is (so few such men in the world are deserving of real feminine access) I missed being entertained by a slavish and diminutive little nobody.

So last night I got my paddles and nipple clamps out and had fun with a penitent little sub whose very inadequacy gave me cause for offence, and so to ameliorate said feebleness he entertained and serviced me. I enjoyed particularly his showing off his inelegance with a series of sweaty star jumps and lunges and laughable attempts at prettiness with my old cast offs and cheap, throwaway lipstick. The worm also took the onus off my bin and finished off the gnawed kiwi skins, chewed toast crusts and sodden tea bags from my lite supper, and being the dog that he is, was as grateful as though it were a bacchanalian feast! Just to have his lips so near the effluence of my saliva, was like being kissed full on the lips, he whimpered, when I bade him to speak. When his wimpy, grovelling little mouth stumbled on the teabag, however, my irritation at the sorry sight was met with some sharp pain to his nipples and a scarlet sore behind. He did his best not to so be so clumsy thereafter, but you can’t so easy wish away such paltriness of character, such physical defect. Ah well. Its a good thing I quite enjoy giving nips of pain to my inferiors. And that they understand that to be humiliated by a powerful and superior Mistress is one hell of a privilege!

So much fun was had (by me!) that I am looking forward to the other comically ineffective (not quite) men I have ready to entertain me, for the rest of this otherwise downcast and rain spotted week. Then off to London next! Where I hope the capital has some real inadequates and grey little grovellers ready for my amusement.


Miss Lenna - Leicester, East Midlands and London Dominatrix, FemDom and all round Sadistic Bitchface

A Dominatrix in Leicester: Updates, Updates

Hi subs, slaves, pain lovers and all round pervs.. Lenna here, your resident Leicester dominatrix, the sharpest, shiniest knife in the East Midland’s draw… if I do say so myself (and thus far confirmed by all the dirty little East Midland’s sods I have deigned myself to play with). I’m back from a few days lounging in Cardiff and a subsequent decadent little break, and I’ve brushed off my nipple clips and horsewhip and I’m raring.


A bit of housekeeping and general updates, I’ll keep it brief and to the point:

  1. I am now offering a reduction on tributes for dominatrix pre-bookings, from £140 per hour to £120. I generally prefer to have an idea of how at least the next day is going to go if not the week and so I’m offering a little back scratch to those who can help me with that. To get the £20 reduction you need to book with at least a days notice. And no, booking in the morning for that evening does’nae count.

  2. I’m still operating from my cosy, candlelit domestic den in the centre of Leicester but am always happy to meet you at a dungeon setting in the Midlands area. Note you will have to pay the deposit to the dungeon on top of my usual fee and depending on distance, travel expenses. If you’d like tips on locations, hit me up.

  3. I am not currently looking for a house or domestic slave, but I may be next year. Watch this space, feather duster and broom handle bitches.

  4. I’ve been told this so often now it seems worth mentioning: that I look a fair bit younger in real life than in my photos. I’m not sure why that would be there you go. Normally I am not susceptible to flattery but it keeps getting a mention, so I thought I’d clarify. I am 29, not 39 or 49 or other.

  5. I am here in Leicester over the next few weeks but will be on my travels again in December, to London and Cheltenham and then Lyon, France in the New Year and I also have plans to go to Exeter and Plymouth. Message for dates.

That’s all for now folks.


Mistress Lenna - Your Leicester and East Midlands Intimate & Sadistic Dominatrix and all round Kinky Bitchress

An Independent Escort and Dominatrix in Leicester: Perves & Pictures! And off to Cardiff...

So I am packed (lies) organised (more lies) and ready to go to Cardiff tomorrow (truth ding!) Its been one and a half months now in Leicester (where did that time go? Whilst I was busy bruising bottoms and stomping on sore nipples and slapping cutesy, pretty sissy faces??) and I already miss the old Welsh capital. I am hoping that in between engagements I shall get a chance to mooch about the arcades and peruse the delis and dinky ‘things’ shops therein.

Its been a busy few weeks here in Leicester though, what with all the fun and games I’ve been having with lovely East Midland’s perverts and the many photo shoots I’ve been having. I have more to come but thought I’d put a few here. I am also planning shortly a paid content channel for those who want some more intimate access to photos, videos and erotica, coming soon!


Kisses from Miss Lenna - Leicester and East Midlands Dominatrix & BDSM Kinkstress