An Independent Escort in Leicester: The Scared Whore Myth

Bonjour my tender friends, Leicester and East Midlands based independent escort, fetishist, dominatrix and general harlot here, I hope you are escaped from the thunder and the (post) April showers? I am… escaped in full and cosying up in my now long loved Chinese silk robe with some strong, hot Lavazza after some fun trudging around town, participating in a lingerie buying tournament. I was the sole contestant. I won.

The So Called ‘Sacred Prostitute’

The So Called ‘Sacred Prostitute’

I realize I have rather neglected my escort blog of late. I have a few J.O.Bs of sorts (not including learning French on Duolingo, very very slowly) and as such time management (not being my tendance naturelle) sometime skew whiffs. Is that how that’s spelled? No matter.

But I like keeping up with it, when I can remember to. It gives me the chance to offload into the ether the whore-y bits I scramble find that I can’t easily drop into a lot of conversations without people raising eyebrows at me. Like, recently I was privy to conversation whereby some people were authoritatively offering the now hackneyed refrain that escorting should be valorized because in the ‘generic olden days’ women who were prostitutes were high priestesses in temples worshipped by the communities. I didn’t want to break it to them that such received wisdom was fallacious, that, rather, during the period shift from pagan to Biblical theological dominance, women in temples who worked as priestesses and bureaucrats and other local authority figures were slurred as prostitutes in order to undermine their legitimacy and to sully their reputations and that bad reputation has never quite left the poor old gals. Yep, the old sacred prostitute is basically a historical myth, it would seem. It never made much sense anyway, much more logical is the Church’s historical quiet sanctioning of prostitution to protect the lovely vulvas of proper lady types from sexual sully. Which is not quite the same thing.

People think they are redeeming prostitutes and escorts and mistresses with these arguments, but its the very illegitimacy of the trade that has meant that any ‘deviant’ or difficult woman can have it thrown at them to successfully undermine them. That’s hardly a win for us actual whore-bags. Similar things have happened to actresses in the past, when women were finally allowed on stage to some people’s chagrin, to mistresses of wealthy men (often called courtesans even if the relationship was non transactional) and more sinister, as was recently published in the book Five, three of the victims of that Whitechapel woman murderer and several of the victims of the Yorkshire woman murderer were never prostitutes either, but victims considered ‘illegitimate’ enough that they may as well be whores in the public imagination.

I’m not really one for all this ‘sex work is work’ business in any case, there seems to be a beige, bureaucratic streak running through it, threatening to efface the subterranean elements and private, libertine appeal and replace it with a narcissistic, demanding, po-faced legitimisation. A step beyond the more garden variety liberal ‘I should be free to do me’ to a more impossible ‘the world better vindicate my choices’. That being said lying and promulgating received wisdom is never sexy. Intellectual laziness is the 21st Century’s kryptonite, I dare say. That, and Twitter. Yuck.

Gosh I’m opinionated today!

I need to relish the quiet evening I have with myself and some asparagus and poached eggs…with my no doubt ready to burn attempt at hollandaise… and an early night ready for an early morning spanking session with a very sexy gentlemen of serious ill repute. The best kind!

toodles, monsieur(s)

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P.S I’ve got to go to London a bit soon (finally!) and I was thinking of staying in or near Leicester square for escort and dominatrix bookings. I though that would be, like, cute and stuff.