Independent Escort in Leicester: New Photos, Away Time & London!

Hi gentlemen of the whore jury (or what have you) , Leicester based escort, sensualist, dominatrix, and so on and so forthist here… I’ve got a hit and run today. Two points of order, I’ve had a few new snappy snaps that I’m adding to my list of visual imprints and thought I’d blog them here…

I think that is going to be it from me on the photos front for a while, other than my odd little throw out of selfies and ‘about town’ photos for my AW private gallery. I have been meaning for the fetishists and submissives and masochists out there in the grande pervert world, to have some ‘in action shots’ with me with one of my subs and I will get around to that eventually.

So at the end of this month I’m going to be a way for a little while, about a week (sunshine calls me!) but I’m a little unsure on dates so if you’re looking for a Lenna Liaison around this time double check in with me and I’ll try and accommodate.

I am also certainly to be in London over the next few months on and off so finally hopefully I’ll get the blast of a chance to hang out in the big smoke, lovely London, and get up to some no goods there. I still think being a Leicester escort and dominatrix I should probably pitch up in Leicester Square. Just to be cute. Hopefully see you London escort lovers there!

Well that is kind of 3 points of order, but hay ho…


Miss Lenna - Leicester based Independent Escort, Fetish Lover and Dominatrix