An Independent Escort in Leicester: New Images and Bonding!

Hay there! Your local Leicester and East Midlands Escort here, hope you all had a cracking Easter (get it!) and enjoyed the little rush of sun we had back then (hallo once again to some fine British drizzle). I’ve been up to ‘much’ in the long weeks in which I have been letting my blog lay unaccounted for; having my photograph taken, organizing a few holidays, sampling more of Leicester’s diverse cuisine…

So those of you who have had a gander and my escort gallery recently will see I have uploaded more images but for those who haven’t I may as well stick a few here:

Me with my cane, me lounging in lingerie, me in both my guises :)

So aside from my usual escort gadding about, engaging in ‘adult entertainments’ I’ve been watching Bonding on Netflix (of course!) for those who haven’t its basically about me. Well, no, its about a dominatrix student who employs her slightly mousy, nervy old school mate to help her pee on people and carry large dildos about. Its a caper. OK so I’m not a full time dominatrix of course, what with my ‘I shan’t apologize for my outright sexy side’ and my pay as you go-girlfriend-ing, but, its pretty close. Well also other than the character of the domme seems a bit, one dimensional , less a rounded protagonist and more a cipher for the tumbler generation’s weird political obsession with ‘sex workers’. (Seriously guys, go get your sticky prurient fingers into other pies!) Despite escorts and courtesans and dominatrix’s and ‘other’ constituting such a small part of the population we don’t half get a lot of cultural ‘feedback’.

But its kinda fun, passing amusement, so I shan’t moan too richly.

Because its been Easter and because of some various other life obligations I’ve had I haven’t had time for much escort and dominatrix appointments and general sexy fun so I’m positively starved as Monroe would husk in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Raring. I’ve got my lacy knickers and my stockings and my other whotsits (not the puffy weird crisps, the cuffs and chains!) ready to go…


Miss Lenna - Leicester Based Escort, Dominatrix, and General Horny Libertine