A Dominatrix: Regrets to Inform Thee!

I do, I do, I regret top inform thee subs/slaves/sissys/worms…I will no longer be travelling down to Chelts, and instead staying in Leicester until the Christmas break. My other ‘life’ has gotten in the way and so no hotel tripping for me. Ah well, it simply means I have more time for Leicester BDSM sessions and play! I’v been enjoying some pretty intense, sensual, sexy sessions recently with some pleasing submissives who know how to do what they are told and how to please their Mistress so at least that is something…I hope to have many more such sessions!


Anyway, with not much else to say here is a picture of me pulling my red lipstick, resting bitch face. Its the face I often pull before I crack my whip!

Its also (if you hadn’t noticed) Christmas coming up and I’ve already had a few nifty gifts handed my way (sexy gold cuffs and a bottle of a mighty fine Rioja, you know who you are!). Who can beat it sissies???


Mistress Lenna - Leicester & East Midlands Dominatrix, BDSM Goddess, Leg, Tit, Ass Lovers Dream

A Dominatrix in Leicester: Being Humiliated By the Mistress

So firstly, as though the East Midland’s camerati has not already seen enough of me, I have a few more images to add to my now expansive gallery which I thought I’d share:

What else have I been up to? I’ve been a horny miss and while my inferior little bell boy subs and slaves are pathetically, doggedly grateful to even get a licking of my toe - I’ve been entertaining a few bulls, alphas, hot rods… real men… this past weekend who’ve gotten considerably more than that. But fun as that is (so few such men in the world are deserving of real feminine access) I missed being entertained by a slavish and diminutive little nobody.

So last night I got my paddles and nipple clamps out and had fun with a penitent little sub whose very inadequacy gave me cause for offence, and so to ameliorate said feebleness he entertained and serviced me. I enjoyed particularly his showing off his inelegance with a series of sweaty star jumps and lunges and laughable attempts at prettiness with my old cast offs and cheap, throwaway lipstick. The worm also took the onus off my bin and finished off the gnawed kiwi skins, chewed toast crusts and sodden tea bags from my lite supper, and being the dog that he is, was as grateful as though it were a bacchanalian feast! Just to have his lips so near the effluence of my saliva, was like being kissed full on the lips, he whimpered, when I bade him to speak. When his wimpy, grovelling little mouth stumbled on the teabag, however, my irritation at the sorry sight was met with some sharp pain to his nipples and a scarlet sore behind. He did his best not to so be so clumsy thereafter, but you can’t so easy wish away such paltriness of character, such physical defect. Ah well. Its a good thing I quite enjoy giving nips of pain to my inferiors. And that they understand that to be humiliated by a powerful and superior Mistress is one hell of a privilege!

So much fun was had (by me!) that I am looking forward to the other comically ineffective (not quite) men I have ready to entertain me, for the rest of this otherwise downcast and rain spotted week. Then off to London next! Where I hope the capital has some real inadequates and grey little grovellers ready for my amusement.


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A Dominatrix in Leicester: And London!

So I’ve been snapped again, *another* two photo shoots have passed and I await the results with breathe that is, you know, baited and stuff. The last of a long spell of studio sessions to help get my East Midlands/Leicester website juicy with images and up and running. Most of the images I have had taken are more boudoir style, but in the New Year, when I come back from Francais land, I plan to get my latex and chains out and have a few domination studio shoots for you filthy fetishists who need a little more kinky visual stimuli. Some tasters here though!

I think these images are perfect mill grist for your boob and arse worshipers, a little sexy game I often love to play when my subs/pigs/worms have been very good and have entertained or gratified me satisfactorily.

The next thing in the ‘pipeline’ is my trip to Wandsworth, London in December, and I very much look forward to caning a few bott-botts al la Cynthia Payne, and pinching a few nipples in the Big Smoke, in between taking in a bit of early (for me) Christmas shopping. When I say Christmas shopping, I imagine it shall be myself whom I shall treat…I’m in the market for some good corsetry, latex and toys so if anyone knows a nifty filth shop, please do drop me a mail with suggestions.

This evening I have poured myself a plummy glass of Rioja, shoved on a Chet Baker record and I will finely get around to getting my website listed on those London Dominatrix directories. I live a charmed life!

bonne nuit!

Mistress Lenna - Leicester and London Dominatrix, BDSM Mistress and all round self indulgent pervert.

A Dominatrix in Leicester: Updates, Updates

Hi subs, slaves, pain lovers and all round pervs.. Lenna here, your resident Leicester dominatrix, the sharpest, shiniest knife in the East Midland’s draw… if I do say so myself (and thus far confirmed by all the dirty little East Midland’s sods I have deigned myself to play with). I’m back from a few days lounging in Cardiff and a subsequent decadent little break, and I’ve brushed off my nipple clips and horsewhip and I’m raring.


A bit of housekeeping and general updates, I’ll keep it brief and to the point:

  1. I am now offering a reduction on tributes for dominatrix pre-bookings, from £140 per hour to £120. I generally prefer to have an idea of how at least the next day is going to go if not the week and so I’m offering a little back scratch to those who can help me with that. To get the £20 reduction you need to book with at least a days notice. And no, booking in the morning for that evening does’nae count.

  2. I’m still operating from my cosy, candlelit domestic den in the centre of Leicester but am always happy to meet you at a dungeon setting in the Midlands area. Note you will have to pay the deposit to the dungeon on top of my usual fee and depending on distance, travel expenses. If you’d like tips on locations, hit me up.

  3. I am not currently looking for a house or domestic slave, but I may be next year. Watch this space, feather duster and broom handle bitches.

  4. I’ve been told this so often now it seems worth mentioning: that I look a fair bit younger in real life than in my photos. I’m not sure why that would be there you go. Normally I am not susceptible to flattery but it keeps getting a mention, so I thought I’d clarify. I am 29, not 39 or 49 or other.

  5. I am here in Leicester over the next few weeks but will be on my travels again in December, to London and Cheltenham and then Lyon, France in the New Year and I also have plans to go to Exeter and Plymouth. Message for dates.

That’s all for now folks.


Mistress Lenna - Your Leicester and East Midlands Intimate & Sadistic Dominatrix and all round Kinky Bitchress

A Dominatrix in Leicester: Perves & Pictures! And off to Cardiff...

So I am packed (lies) organised (more lies) and ready to go to Cardiff tomorrow (truth ding!) Its been one and a half months now in Leicester (where did that time go? Whilst I was busy bruising bottoms and stomping on sore nipples and slapping cutesy, pretty sissy faces??) and I already miss the old Welsh capital. I am hoping that in between engagements I shall get a chance to mooch about the arcades and peruse the delis and dinky ‘things’ shops therein.

Its been a busy few weeks here in Leicester though, what with all the fun and games I’ve been having with lovely East Midland’s perverts and the many photo shoots I’ve been having. I have more to come but thought I’d put a few here. I am also planning shortly a paid content channel for those who want some more intimate access to photos, videos and erotica, coming soon!


Kisses from Miss Lenna - Leicester and East Midlands Dominatrix & BDSM Kinkstress

A Dominatrix in Leicester: The Erotic Games I Play...

I was perusing my old copy of Dita Von Teese’s coffee table book ‘The Art of the Teese’ and she had peppered some copy in among her photographs, which included a list of her favourite fetishists. It got me thinking about my favourite fetish games.

 Impossibly lovely Dita…

Impossibly lovely Dita…

I love fetish, role play, power plays. Don’t get me wrong, I’m well loving of what gets called vanilla too. We forget how blummin’ tasty vanilla ice cream is, often because of the expanse of variations of the old summer pud on offer. Salted caramel, pistachio, rum sans raisin… yum, yes. Uncooked American biscuit crap, peanut butter and American jelly crap… uch, no.

 Sexy Times…piece by Andreas Giannoutsos

Sexy Times…piece by Andreas Giannoutsos

Yes I do love some straight, sexy, sensual, never lets you down vanilla…but fetishes and kinks and dominatrix games and BDSM add a little something else to my weekly life that keep me on my toes. And in that spirit, I thought I’d share some favourites/fantasies/fond memories…

  1. Mix and Match/Tie & Tease: I enjoy a guy who is not strictly submissive, but for yucks is happy to have a go at letting a woman give him the (playful) boss around for her amusement before he gets his way. A little light, tie, tickle and tease, some edging, orgasm denial… masked, hungry and helpless. Untied when the games have satiated my playfulness and ready to let him in…

  2. Erotic Wrestling: Less HHH Vs Chyna and more James Bond with Ms Moneypenny (you must be dreaming, indeed) in the barn (although less of the slightly rapey subtext). Yes a little roll around on the bed or floor, grinding each other’s pelvises into each other and wrapping our legs about here and there…until we both tire of playing hard to get and off go our match panties…

  3. Sissy Boys/Pretty Girls: This stuff gives me a real psycho-sexual kick. Guys sissied up to look silly, in my old knock offs and most gawdy of make up, or perhaps bringing his/her own sassy collection of frenchies and nylons and perfume and looking winsome and cute for my voyeuristic amusement? Such fun.

  4. Leg/Bum/Breast Worship: Tied up, blindfolded and helpless as I smudge my milky, large bosom into his face, mouth, let him just manage to find my pert, pink nipples for all but a few seconds, push his hands down when he indolently lifts them to cop a feel? Or crawled on the floor to lick up my finely stocking balmed, toned and shapely legs and peachy, round feminine derriere?

  5. Domestic Servants: Those that want to please me so badly that they’ll hoover the floor with their fingers or lick the the toilet bowl clean with their tongue or prance about in their most favouritest maid’s outfit, at my total beck and call? To get a wee spanking if they miss a bit..?

  6. Bottoms Up: Those who let me at their behind with horsewhip, paddle, cane…how red can we get?

Fancy playing some of these games? You know where to get me…

Lenna - Leicester based Escort, Dominatrix, Fetishist and all round pervy pervert…

A Dominatrix in Leicester: Museums, regents & pervy parrots

I once read in a pleasing book called The Age of Absurdity that, among other tips on learning how to cultivate contentment… you must see places you already know as fodder for tourism. Or if you don’t already know them, places that are near to you, overlooked by the tourism advertisement junket, pilloried and ignored. It remains odd to me that I have been to the US, Australia, Mexico, China, but I’ve yet to go to Scotland, even though in relative terms, it is very much up the road. Its even odder to me that people go to such far flung places only to eat out in Maccie Ds.

Although, unedifying confession alert. Earlier this year I ended up eating a veggie patty at one of the strobe lighting space restaurants in a chic district of Paris (in the snow, the bloody romantic snow) after a friend and I had drank what we thought were reasonable amounts of French beer only to discover the French’s idea of a reasonable ABV saunters around the level of red wine. Not to be drunk in a pint glass.

You can’t go to a Parisian restaurant for brunch as a hungover Brit. The service is just too engaged, I don’t speak French and I hate living up to any kind of cliche.

What was I talking about? At home tourism.

Until recently I had never really spent any time in the Midlands. I went to the Bullring. Once. I was about 15 and I thought it was overwhelming and looked like an augmented marshmallow-come-Umberto Boccioni knock off. And I don’t much like shopping anyway. I got the lady genes when it comes to floral patterns, lace underwear, fancy little chocolates and french perfume…but liking of shopping, children and marriage remains amiss in my psychological vocabulary.

But I’ve been enjoying being a tourist in Leicester, as odd as that sounds. The New Walk Museum is as good as any small city art spot I’ve ever been to…although why in the whiff they put the Star Wars exhibit bang next to the German Expressionism exhibit I’ll never know. Seriously, when I’m trying to watch some avant garde-y docu projection off the floor about the Nazi’s treatment of the artistic and social decadence of the Weimar republic, I don’t need to be hearing, “dadada dur da dadada durh da, durh da” jauntily in my side ear.

I’ve spent a lot of time wandering around St Martins Square which is more my fashions than shopping mawwwwllsss, as the yanks call them, although I don’t know who in local planning thought it a good idea to grant an O’neills in Leicester’s foremost bohemian district de la chintz. If that is even how these things work, what do I know about town planning?


I’ve also learnt a little bit about Richard the third, which is nice, because its (embarrassingly) the only Shakespeare production I’ve ever been to (I don’t count a vodka smeared mate at Uni doing his best Macbeth impression on a park bench, but perhaps I should.) I just recall it was the hotel dude who gets kissed a lot in Notting Hill, playing the Quasimodo-esque regent and there were lots of people in salmon socks, laughing rambunctiously at jokes I, personally, found dated. I’d like to see Othello next, but if and only if, the upper classes promise to behave themselves.

I also went to Birdland with a friend, but a chatty red Macaw ripped off two of my shirt buttons. Subsequently I had more cleavage on show that day than is entirely appropriate for a family outing. I’ve decided that the red macaw in question was a bloke and the whole ‘oh don’t us birds just love buttons?!’ thing is a clever ruse.

Still, more to see. Not least more lovely gentle fellows,


Miss Lenna - Leicester based dominatrix, mistress & kinkstress xxx